Logitech K400 Wireless USB Keyboard Button List for the SkyStream Android TV Box

Music Symbol – Brings you to the standard Android music player or Spotify (your choice)
Home Symbol – Brings you to the units home screen
Lock PC – Will bring you to the Google Play store
Power PC – Will put your SkyStream to Sleep
F10 – Mute
F11 – Volume Down
F12 – Volume Up
Backspace – Deletes letters and numbers while typing
Track pad – This is used as your mouse. Single finger touching will move the cursor around. Two fingers at a time will scroll up and down on web pages and KODI.
Left Mouse button – Main select button
Right Mouse Button – Your main back button (Will also delete letter and numbers while typing in KODI)
Up, Down, Left, Right keys – You can use these to navigate on the unit and in KODI.

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