All of the TV shows and movies that I watch buffer constantly in KODI

Step 1 – Unplug your router and modem. Leave them unplugged for 30 seconds. Plug them back in and let them cycle until they are back up and running.

Step 2 – Run a speed test on your SkyStream Android TV Box. Click on All Apps. Scroll down until you see Speed Test. Click on it and click on Begin Test. You should have at least 10 Mbps, or 10,000 Kbps download speed. If your speed is lower then this then you may need to upgrade your internet speed in order to stream without buffering.

Step 3 – To increase your internet speed you can move your wireless router closer to the SkyStream unit or hard wire the internet directly to the unit. If you have followed all of these steps and you have over 10 Mbps or 10,000 Kbps download speed you have done everything that you can to help minimize buffering. Please note that not every stream is able to provide enough data to stream the video content you are trying to watch. If you are still experiencing buffering on a stream, you will need to try another stream source.

REMEMBER – just because your speed is fast does not mean that the providers stream is fast. If your speed is above the 10Mbps or close to it, try leaving the host that you are currently streaming from and choose another from the menu. Not all streams are created equal.

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