SkyStream Power Issues

Remote On / Off Issues

The stock remote that came with your SkystreamX should turn the unit on and off.

Any other remotes or USB Keyboards may or may not turn the unit on and off. We cannot control third party remote controls or modify anything to make them turn the unit on and off.

You can leave your unit on all of the time. The Android operating system was designed to be left on all of the time just like a cell phone or tablet. So if a remote control that you purchased is not turning the unit on and off you can simply leave the unit on.

Unit lights up but does not display anything on the screen

If your unit displays an LED indicating that it is on but is not displaying anything on your TV, Please refer to the display section of the support page for help.

Display Issues

Unit does not turn on at all

If your unit is plugged into a working outlet that has power, but you are not seeing any lights indicating that the unit is on please give us a call at 888-963-9105. Most likely the power supply has died and a replacement will need to be sent.