SkyStream Basic Remote

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Skystream Basic Remote Control Buttons

Stock Remote Skystream

  1. Red power button – Turns the Skystream unit on and off
  2. Setup – Brings you to the settings menu
  3. Volume Minus – Lowers the sound on your unit
  4. Volume Plus – Raises the sound on your unit
  5. House / Home button – This button will bring you back to the units home screen from any app
  6. Backwards Arrow / Back Button – This button will step the unit back one screen in any app or section. Press multiple times if you want to get back to the home screen.
  7. Direction Buttons – These 4 buttons will navigate up, down, left and right on the home screen and in any app
  8. OK Button – This button will confirm a selection in any app. Think of this button as the left click button on a computer mouse
  9. Horizontal Bars (Above the 1 button) – This button is the menu button. This button opens extra options when you press it while something is selected
  10. Mouse Cursor Button (Above the 3 button) – This button turns on and of the cursor function. When this function is off you can use the directional pad buttons to move from selections to selection. With this feature on you can press and hold the directions buttons to move the cursor. This can be helpful for pop ups that can not be navigated to using the directional pad. To use this feature, press the cursor button, press and hold a directional button to move the cursor.
  11. 0-9 Buttons – These buttons can be used to enter numbers into any text field
  12. Speaker with X – This is the Mute button. This will eliminate all sound from the unit
  13. Back Space button – This button is the same as the back space button on a computer. This will delete a letter or number in any text field

TV Control Buttons – Clear Power Button, Set, TV in Vol -, Vol +

These buttons allow you to program buttons from your TV remote to the Skystream remote. For instance you can program the clear power button to turn on and off your TV. You can also program the TV In, Vol- and Vol+ buttons. While the names of these buttons are the most popular choices that people program from their TV remote control, you can program the button to any button on your TV control remote.

How to teach the Skystream remote your TV buttons.

  1. Press and hold the Set button until the Clear Power button is solid glowing red
  2. Press the button you want to program on the Skystream remote (Clear Power, TV In, Vol- or Vol+)
  3. Aim the TV remote directly at the front of the Skystream remote and press the button your want the Skystream remote to learn.
  4. Press the Set button
  5. Test for functionality. If it does not work try the process again