SkyStream Air Mouse

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Skystream Air mouse Guide

How to program the Skystream Air Mouse to control other devices

1.On the Skystream air mouse remote press and hold Red TV button until it starts to slowly blink
2. Aim the TV remote that you want to program front to front of the STB remote. press the button you want to program on your TV remote.
3. The Red light will turn on and stay on once it has learned the buttons function.
4. Press the yellow or blue button and the light will blink normally
5. Press the red TV button again
6. Test functionality
(Only 2 functions can be programmed.Red and Green buttons on bottom of remote cannot be programmed, only yellow and blue)

Trouble Shooting the Skystream Air Mouse

1. Make sure you have inserted both AAA Batteries into the remote control and have plugged the USB Dongle into the unit you wish to control. (Do not insert the USB dongle into the back of your TV unless you have a smart TV and are using this remote control to control your TV.)

2. If the remote control is not controlling the device that it is plugged into, simply unplug the device from its power source, plug it in and let it completely boot up again.

3. Press the Red Cursor button if the air mouse feature is not working.

4. If the red LED light on the top of the remote is not lighting up when you press a button try changing the batteries in the remote control. You can also try rolling them or pressing them towards the + connection side. Also make sure the batteries are inserted in the proper direction.