How to properly close and exit out of KODI

KODI runs scripts and performs updates while it is open. That is why it is very important to let KODI close on its own. Clicking home or turning off your SkyStream Android TV Box while KODI can cause KODI to have errors and stop working. It is very important that you follow the procedure below when exiting KODI.

1. Exit out of any video or add-on that you are using.
2. On the home screen of KODI there are two icons at the bottom left of the screen. The Star icon is your favorites button. Next to the Star Icon is a Power Icon. Click on the power icon.
3. A pop up will appear and will have only one choice to click on which is exit. Click on Exit.
4. Wait until KODI closes (This may take 1-45 seconds depending on if KODI is performing any updates in the background.)
5. Once KODI has fully closed you will end up back on the home screen of your SkyStream device.

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