How can I start watching all of my TV shows and movies on the SkyStream Android TV Box with KODI?

Open KODI and scroll over Videos – once there, you will see 7 icons pop up underneath. These icons are our favorites and they will change from time to time depending on their ability to work correctly. Pick one of these to try. You have many options within each of these KODI add-ons. Search, Featured, Favorites, Most Popular, Genre, Highest Rated, Etc. Our suggestion is to click on most popular and find a show that you like. You can then click on that show or movie. Once have clicked on the movie or TV show that you want to watch you will need to click on a stream source. Click on one of the stream sources to start watching the movie or TV show you want to watch.

If you experience any buffering while watching the TV show or movie, it could be from A) the stream that you are connected does not have enough speed to send the stream to you (try changing streaming sources by hitting the stop button or back button on the remote and choosing another source) or B) your speed is not enough – try running a speed test (How to run a speed test).

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